Goodbye Smokies

Today was our last day in the South.  We finally got to see from the highest point in the Smokies, Clingman’s Dome.  The view was spectacular.  After that, we saw turkeys and elk on the way home though the mountains.  This was my favorite trip that I’ve ever gone on.  Goodbye Smokies!  😭😭😭😭image


imageThe turkeys




Better than Disney 😃

For days 2 and 3  we went to the best place on earth a knife outlet it was awesome. I got a wooden sword so look out Gannon. We also went to a place called Dixe Stampede. It was awesome I mean look at this drum stick!😆 see below. On day 3 we went hiking on the hardest half a mile walk ever. I mean half a mile is easy but up a mountain!!!😩 And in all the view was terrible!👿 After that we went to the aquarium were we got to touch jelly fish. Today was awesome and now I’m chilling at my hotel. 😎 oh yeah I have emojis 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 

  It’s so tiny 

Closed on Tuesday 

Ok I’m going to start with the good news. We went gem mining. Is that not enough?  Ok I’ll elaborate we went panning for rubies and sapphires I got around 7 sapphires and 9 rubies so …😃😃😃😃😃😃😃. Now for the bad news. Can you guess what is the same with all these shops- The Creamery The Cupboard The nature center The gem museum and half of down town Franklin. Haven’t guessed yet I’ll wait…..There all closed  Tuesday 🙈  I think Tuesday is the day bears wake up and try to go to shops.  

IThink  this is were the bears live 

  We went gem mining.


The Factory😍

 Today, we went to Franklin, North Carolina. We went to my old house and a barbecue place called Fat Buddies. After that, we went to The Factory.  It was awesome and it makes, wait for it … NOTHING! It doesn’t make anything.  It is just a giant arcade…with mini golf😜 

The Factory Tank Tank Tank!

  Fat Buddies.  I ate ribs.  🐷🐷🐷  
 One foot in Tennessee, one in North Carolina.  We also saw elk and a turkey and a muskrat on our drive to Franklin.


Not so final blog

imageToday was the first day of the trip to North Carolina. We traveled through 5 different states Illinois Indiana Ohio Kentucky and Tennessee. The good news is that we traveled 550 miles and got to our hotel. The bad news is that the pool is broken:(

Final blog

Today I got home,so sadly the trip is over.So I’ll tell you the stats. We drove 2,175 total miles. We went through the states of Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia to get to Washington, D.C. Plus I finished every single hunger games book. My favorite thing we saw was the Hershey factory.  So overall this trip was AMAZING!!!


Final Day?

Today apparently is the final day.We traveled and, went to Mount Vernon.There we saw George Washington’s tomb and a real black smith at work.I also got to go to Five Guy’s burgers and fries for the first time.It was amazing just like this whole vacation .


Final day of DC

Today, we went to the bureau of printing and engraving. There, they print all the money. Then we tried senator bean soup at the Capitol. We also went on a tour of the Capitol. We saw the Senate.  Next we went to the Holocaust Museum. To finish it off we  took a look at the White House.  Over all DC was AMAZING.











2nd to last day at dc

Today we went to the National Zoo.We saw pandas, cheetahs,monkeys,and much more. We went to a Chinese place called ping pong dim sum that was er, unique. Then we went to the Udvar-Hazy center (part of the air and space museum). We saw the plane that dropped atomic bombs and,the space shuttle Discovery.