The Monumental Day.

Today was a long day.We covered about 12 miles walking. We went to the natural history museum.I got to see the hope diamond and, I bought a uncut ruby.

A butterfly landed on me at the Natural History Museum
Then we went to tons of monuments like the Lincoln memorial ,Jefferson memorial and more. My favorite memorial was the Jefferson memorial because it was the last My feet hurt, but at least I got a double Tommy picture.

The Vietnam Memorial

Jacob and I on our way to the Lincoln Memorial

World War II Memorial

 Washington Monument

Double Tommy picture.


DC – Day One

  Train from Virginia to D. C.
  me by my native american tribe’s flag

  all the Indian food.

the air and space museum.

Day Two

Today we went to Gettysburg we had some fun and me the north triumphed against the south and, you can see we only had to pay for 3 tickets in Hershey.

  Gettysburg address

Hershey’s world of chocolate. The food I had was clam chowder in a bowl made of bread.(was AMAZING)

Dinner in New Jersey  

Day one Continued

Today was a long road trip. We covered 700 miles and went through the states IL IN OH WV and PA. I had enough time to finish my book Hunger games. I went through district 12, otherwise known as Appalachia and saw mountains. It was a long trip but, it worked out in the end.

Day One

Today I’m traveling to Pennsylvania  from Washington.Its going to be a long trip. And I’m  writing this at 6:00 Am. Also I got up at 5:00.  So now its  time to go.